*Hello* *shy*

I’m a newbie to this. I love to read & have been thinking to write for a while, so here I am.

In here, I’ll try to share about my life. I hope this could be a record of my healing journey and you can get one or two good things from my journey.

Whatever happening in your life, remember, you are not alone. It is really okay to seek for professional help. I will always pray the best for us. ❤


I choose my own path, leaving all of the amenities I had. Someone says “Leaving needs courage”. Indeed, going away from familiarity to unfamiliarity. Have limited money, no job yet, no place to go. To find peace yet meeting uncertainty leads to anxiety. What if…. What if in the end, I don’t have enough moneyContinue reading “Separation”

What Child Wants: Child POV about Toxic Parenting (when it all began)

That night, I slept in my own room and suddenly woke up being dragged (my hair was being pulled) in the middle of stairs. I still remember the feeling of confusion, hurt, and scare. The person, who God sent us to, to protect us, to nurture, to whatever good things you can say until weContinue reading “What Child Wants: Child POV about Toxic Parenting (when it all began)”

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