What Child Wants: Toxic Parenting (The Second Time)

When the other said that “he was just making a mistake”. He is your father, he provide you with your needs. You have house to live in, you have foods, you should feel grateful. You should forget that night. Ohh… How I wish I could forget that. I was just a kid. For foreigner, 16Continue reading “What Child Wants: Toxic Parenting (The Second Time)”

What Child Wants: Child POV about Toxic Parenting (when it all began)

That night, I slept in my own room and suddenly woke up being dragged (my hair was being pulled) in the middle of stairs. I still remember the feeling of confusion, hurt, and scare. The person, who God sent us to, to protect us, to nurture, to whatever good things you can say until weContinue reading “What Child Wants: Child POV about Toxic Parenting (when it all began)”

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